Australia Real Estate Service

1.Provide market analyse and location property market report and counselling, value and rental analyse, property purchasing advising and service;

2.Works with many quality developers and provide our customers various choices from apartments, house, duplex, townhouse to house & land package, which cover Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast;

3.Provide the location information and property market trend, the market value of the properties, the history of sale price, and the rental price range etc.

4.Arrange the inspection service for the customers who are interested in their select properties.

5.Expertise in arrange the easiest and super low rate home loan with Australian banks to finance the purchasing;

6.recommend the lawyer to handle property transfer especially for overseas buyers well;

7.Experience in provide the comprehensive service for property purchasing, from paying initial deposit to the property settlement;

8.Provide rental arrangement service for investment customers after purchasing;

9.Provide the regular property reports for market value and rental price after purchasing by request.

Australia Investment Project Service for Migration Purpose

To assist our investment migration customers with various investment options in Australia and help them on the investment projects and investment plans.

USA Property Investment Service

1.Providing the professional analyse, advice and suggestions of the US real estate market to our clients who like to purchase the property in the United States;

2.According to the expectations and requirements of customers, select the most suitable properties from deferent cities and regions in United States;

3.Select the ideal property for the customer and provide details of the property;

4.Arranging with the real estate agents and proving the trip to the customer select properties if customers intend to have a properties inspection in USA;

5.Provide the current market value of the property that our customers are interested in and rental price range of this property, the historical sales and listed price records of the property, history and current price trends, rental price, housing details, nearby schools etc. comprehensive aspects of the properties;

6.Provide customers with the ways and options to reduce taxes in term of purchasing US property;

7.Help the customers to set up the Limited Liability Company in USA through US accountant firm or lawyer;

8.Once the customer decides to purchase the property, we providing comprehensive advisory service which include housing inspection, property insurance and liability insurance, payment procedure, arrange the US title company (property transfer company) or lawyer to handle the housing transfer procedures and the county government registration, ensuring the security of the customers’ purchasing fund and ensure the smooth of property title transfer.

9.Assistance the customers with the renovation and rental of the properties after purchasing;

10.We will give the regular reports of the market value and market rental price of the properties to the customers after purchasing;

We also can arrange the tickets to USA and the US inland travel for our customers, and arrange hotels, car rentals, leisure activities in the United States and cruise trip from the United States if it requested by the customer.

Japan Property Investment Service

1.Provide market trend, value and rental analyse, property purchasing advising and service;

2.Offer the advisory service for Japanese properties market;

3.Select the high return properties in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kobe for the customer, include apartments, houses, and student accommodation units, etc;

4.Arrange the local sale staffs accompany with the customer to inspect the properties and viewing the locations.

5.Help the customer to finalise the purchasing, ensure the smooth of the owner title transfer and the security of the purchasing fund of our customers.

6.Provide rental arrangement service for our customer after property purchasing.


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